2014 Year in Review

Something I find super fun is going back through my instagram and facebook posts and calendar entries to see what all I did in my life. A couple of times, I posted a blog as a sort of "year in review." See 2010 here and 2013 here.

I'm trying a new format this time. :) Below is a big ol' collage of photos I posted, along with a quick list of events that took place and places I went. 

I know it's a tad late (4 months or so) but I needed this posted for posterity! 

Below, my 2014 -not counting the many date nights with Matt, dinners and drinks with friends, movies and games with the kids, etc. I live a blessed life. 

Major Life Events:
Matt's Nana passed away | March
Emma's mission trip to Nicaragua | April 
Matt and I got Masters Degrees | December
The Kids Were Busy: 
Emma got her first job | March
Ethan runs track | spring
Emma's Junior Prom | April
Ethan made a viral video that was on the news! | May
Emma gets her drivers license! | May
Ethan runs cross country | fall  
Emma takes Senior Pics | November 
Races I Ran: 
Shamrock Run | March
My first half marathon | April  
Indy Women's 5k | June
Zombie 5k | July

Places I Traveled: 
SLC Utah | work trips |3 times
Panama City Beach | Beach Vacation with Erin and all the kids June
French Lick, IN | Weekend Getaway with Matt | August
Chicago, IL | Chicago Half Marathon, which I didn't run due to injury, but cheered for Jessica! | September
St. Louis, MO | work trip | September
Madison, IN | Fall Wine Haul with Mom | November
Horseshoe Casino, Southern Indiana | Birthday trip with Nikki, Scott, and Matt | November

Have you posted a blog about your year in review? I'd love to read it! 


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