What I read Wednesday: Soar

I feel sort of famous today! After our Disney trip, I sent an email reply to a newsletter I get weekly from the founder of SOAR. Capt. Tom Bunn has a comprehensive DVD course (which I haven't done), a website with lots of free resources, an app, and a book.You can find more info here. http://www.fearofflying.com/ or buy the book here:Soar: The Breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying

The app, book, and website have been incredibly helpful to me! Not only can I fly successfully without crying or having a panic attack, but I feel so much braver in other parts of my life too!

My email was published today in this week's SOAR newsletter! I have no idea how many people receive that email newsletter, let alone read it, but I am am excited to think that someone else might read my email and decide to read the book or take the course and feel better in some way. You can see the full newsletter here if you'd like: http://www.fearofflyingblog.com/

Here's the email I sent. I actually wish I'd edited a little before hitting send but what I love is that it was straight up passion and excitement in my writing. :) 

"Truly Changed My Life"
I really appreciate these emails, the website, and the app. I rave about your book and tell anyone who will listen, because it truly changed my life!

I've always had a lot of anxiety about a lot of things. I'd never ride roller coasters, I panicked on trains, and flying was too much. Two years ago I got a promotion at work that requires travel 5 times a year. The first flight I took for work, I ended up drinking cocktails on the plane at 8 a.m.to try and ease my nerves and crying in front of my coworkers due to my fear and anxiety. Pretty embarrassing. The next flight, I took anxiety medication I was prescribed, and it helped a little but I was still a nervous wreck for weeks leading up to the flight. Finally, knowing I needed a better solution, I started researching and found your website.

I've read the book and every article on the website. I have the app and use it every time I fly. I brought the book with me on each flight in my carry on until 2 flights ago when I realized I didn't need it anymore. Not only do I fly without anticipatory anxiety, but I actually look forward to flying now! I still get a little uneasy during take-off but the checklist in the book (which I now have memorized) eases that. If we hit turbulence, I just use the G Force meter and it reminds me that it's safe.
I just flew with my kids to Disney World a couple weeks ago. Two years ago, I would have been so overcome with anxiety that I would have made the family miserable. Instead, I got to look out the window with my son on his first flight. :)

I realized while at Disney that it's not just flying that your book made better for me. The skills I learned in the book, and the insight it gave me into my own mind, allowed me to do something I truly thought I'd never do - I rode every ride-even roller coasters- with barely any anxiety. Even Tower of Terror that has huge drops, and the Rock n Roller Coaster which goes upside down! I've been terrified of rides like those and truly would never have believed just a couple of years ago that at my age I'd finally overcome this life-long fear.

So many possibilities seem open to me now, that weren't before. Thank you for all you do. I really believe that your work has dramatically improved my enjoyment of life. 
I can't say enough good things about this book. If you are like me, buy it on amazon. And let me know what you think! 


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