I'm going to be a princess!

 I don't have a lot of "bucket list" things, but definitely have a list in my mind of things I really want to do someday. On that list, aside from being independently wealthy and having a healthy family and a happy marriage, are these things: go to Europe (specifically Paris), live outside of Indiana, and do a Run Disney race. 


Since I took up running a couple years ago, I've had a lot of fun doing 5k races and two half marathons, and I definitely get that runners high from completing long distances. And not long after I first started running, I came across a Pinterest post about the Disney Princess Half Marathon, and instantly I knew I HAD to wear a princess costume and run through the parks. 

After two years of daydreaming about it, my friend Nikki and I finally set a date: 2016. We marked our calendars and anxiously waited for the July registration day. 

Registration day is no joke. All around the world, people are poised and ready at their computers well before it opens, ready to click that register button and 12 sharp Eastern time. Call off sick, or pretend to listen in a conference call while you are at work, but either way you need to be at your computer ready to go at 11:59.

People usually have a couple of devices ready too as back ups. If you have more than one person to register, you better call in some favors and have friends and family helping you out. The Glass Slipper Challenge sold out in no time! If you aren't IN on registration day, you probably won't get to race. 
Finally getting that confirmation page was like winning the lottery! I literally celebrated that evening and all I had done was give the Disney corporation more of my money. 

Here are a few things I've learned so far in anticipation of the Disney Princess Half Marathon: 

1. Book your stay in advance -- there's no time to worry about finding deals or discounts-- if you want a Little Mermaid room,  you better reserve it well in advance of registration day.

2. Your new part time job is race prep. If you aren't shopping etsy to plan your costume, you are reading blogs with other runners' race recaps, planning your packing, arrival times, character stops, and training plans. 

3. Start saving money. This race is pricey. Not only is it easy $200 to register, you need park tickets, potentially a dining plan, a flight, etc. this is a $1200+ ordeal. Plus the drinking around Epcot that will happen after the race. At least for me.

4.  Training starts early. To get a good corral (and start the race earlier to allow for more photo ops with characters) you need a good position, and you have to provide a proof of time. Meaning official race results from another half marathon where you do well. So, to improve our position, Nikki and I did a half marathon in September to achieve a better proof of time. We spent our summer running. Which is good motivation but still a lot of work. 

I'm 3 months out and all I think about is being a princess and running through Disney World. It gets my running shoes on early on Saturday mornings. I listen to Disney songs on Pandora radio and have been re-watching Disney movies in preparation. 

When friends I haven't seen in a while ask what's new, I try to remember if I told them I'm running the Princess Half in February. I always already have. But it's so exciting!

I might have s Disney obsession. But I will be well-trained and well-dressed, and I can't wait!


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