2016 Goals

Each year, I begin with a blog post of the goals I'm setting for the coming year.

In 2015, I set a vague goal. I gave myself three words I intended to have guide my actions and decisions. Unfortunately, those vague goals left my brain about 30 days in, and because there weren't any concrete things to accomplish, I have nothing to report. Lots of great things happened, but it's hard to attribute them to the January goal setting. This year, it's back to the old way - specific things I want to achieve.

A word about resolutions: Though they do receive a lot of criticism, January is a logical time to set goals, because it's the start of a "clean slate" in most of our minds. I set goals all the time, even daily- but having a long range plan really helps me stay focused.

On that note, here is a list of things I want to accomplish in 2016:

-Try the Paleo approach to food. I'm in the midst of a 21 day challenge to cut out alcohol, grains, processed foods. After the challenge, my goal is to eat Paleo -ish 80% of the time, allowing myself indulgences occasionally.

-Train for and run the Disney Princess Half in Feburary (in progress already)

-Take up yoga. Attend classes occasionally, learn to practice yoga at home once or twice a week. For overall health and happiness.

-Set a new running goal and stick to it. Right now, I'm toying with the idea of a marathon but I'm not fully committed. It might be a yearly mileage goal. I need to nail this down and commit by end of February.

-Pay down credit cards. I've been using too many with justifications that aren't fair. Yearlong focus: only spend money on things that truly give me joy. End of year focus: pay of 50% of the debt I have now.

-Start the hiking goal Nikki and I set- we want to hike in every Indiana state park. There are 25, so we won't finish it in a year. I'd like to realistically get to 4-5 in 2016.

-Travel to 2 places Matt and I want to consider for our move when Ethan finishes school in two years.

What are your goals for the new year?


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