2016 has a reputation for being the worst, according to the internet. Trump was actually elected and the beginning of the apocalypse began. There were some sad events around the world. Lots of celebrities died, which has tons of folks saying that it's the worst year ever.  (Except people die every year all the time and it's always sad - I personally don't understand why people think it's worse this year...) 

But for me, 2016 was one of the best years ever. I traveled (on personal trips vs. work trips) more than ever before in my life. We bought a new home. I got my first ever "cool" car (a 2008 Infiniti). My kids continue to be healthy and happy and my marriage is great. I have a great job with great benefits. Sure, there have been some losses and sad moments, but I find it best to stay focused on, and grateful for, the good stuff.

Below are some highlights of 2016:

February - Disney Princess Half Marathon in WDW with Nikki!

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 March - family trip to Tennessee
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April - trip to Disneyland with all my work friends!
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May - Mini Marathon - my first Indy Mini, and the first half for Edie and Erin
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June - Our first Vegas trip! Matt and I had an incredible view from the Bellagio
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 July - Ethan survived a terrifying collision with a semi and walked away without a single scratch. So grateful!
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August - had a best friends photo shoot at the Indiana State Fair!
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September - decided on a whim to sell our house and buy a new one!
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Also, Matt and I went to Nashville, TN and had a wonderful time.
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The very last day of September, we got possession of our new home:
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October - my little brother got married! Matt was the officiant, Emma was the DJ, and I was a bridesmaid.
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November - my first trip to Mexico! Cancun was beautiful.
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December - Matt and I spent a weekend in Richmond, VA for his sister's graduation, and spent some time in DC
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And the next weekend, we spent 4 days in Denver and saw a Broncos game!
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 It has been truly one of the best years of my entire life, and I'm so grateful for the wonderful people in my life, for my healthy family, for rewarding work and a happy marriage.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to travel and experience new things. If only 2017 can be half this good, I'll be a lucky woman. :)
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  1. Wow, what a year it's been! I didn't remember all of the great things that happened. Hopefully 2017 will be just as good to our family, and a lot better for the rest of the world. :)


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