It's a Secret

So, when I was writing my 2016 wrap-up post a couple weeks ago, I discovered something pretty neat. But to set it up, you need to know about the Secret.

The Secret is a movie and book that's pretty cheesy. Basically, the Secret tries to sell you on some crazy power your mind has, which the author somehow "discovered." This "power" seems like magic that, if you do it right, can make all your dreams come true. Like, if you think hard enough, you can make stop lights turn green for you. The secret makes it seem like some mysterious force. All it really is, though, is positive thinking.

Positive thinking can make a huge difference in your life, I believe that. I don't believe that I can change red lights with my mind, however.

My real takeaway from the Secret was that it helped me notice when I was being negative, and I have shifted some of that thinking to being more grateful and focusing on all the possibilities still ahead.

Based on the Secret, people started making "secret boards," where you pin things you want in your future. Maybe a dream house or vacation or personal goal. And I made one on Pinterest, and set the privacy to "secret" so only I could view it. And then didn't look at it again for a long time - probably two years.

Fast forward to last June. Matt and I went with friends to Las Vegas, somewhere Matt and I always wanted to go. Matt's friend picked the hotel, and Matt booked our room. I didn't really ask questions, I was just along for the ride. They booked us at the Bellagio, and I heard it was nice. When we checked in, this was our view:

Image may contain: outdoor

Earlier this month, I logged onto Pinterest and decided to look at my secret board as I was thinking about goals for 2017. And I found this pin I added two years ago, not knowing what hotel this was - I just liked the pic and the view of the Paris hotel.

My "wish" came true! I can totally make things happen with my mind, you guys!

Also pinned was the Disney Princess Half, which I did last year as well. The trip to Paris and becoming a yogi are still yet to be fulfilled, but after this, I'm sure they are on their way. :)

For my next trick, I'm going to pin something to my board about logging into Facebook and seeing NO political posts and no videos of people getting beat up, but only cute pics of my friends' kids/pets/travel and status updates about what people ate today.

Do you have a secret board? What has come true? Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?


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