Lindsey Who?

Hi. Thanks for visiting! 

I consider this blog an online journal. I like to document my life here, but apparently only sometimes because I've gone an entire year without posting anything. There's no theme - you'll find posts about food (but no recipes),  my family, stuff I got at the thrift store and spray painted, or places I visited. 

About me: 
I was a young mom and therefore am a cool mom, not a regular mom. I like to travel and am anxious to continue to add new places to the list. I run half-marathons with my friends (let's be honest, you could walk faster than I jog.)  I'm always researching the new healthiest way to eat. I spend my free time painting virtually everything in my house, watching tv, or reading. Matt is my husband, and basically has made all my dreams come true. If I could spend my time anywhere, it would be on a beach or in Disney World

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